Filming Spanish class

Adela videos a classroom activity 

Videoing an activity in Adela's Spanish class | Photo: Tom Walton

Oops! It's getting on for midnight and I've forgotten to post Magda's "photo of the day" — which I've left on my PC at work.

The best one I've taken myself today is the one above I think — of Spanish teacher Adela Maestre videoing an activity in her classroom on her digital camera. We've had 27 photos so far this month of Barcelona, but none of class and, hey, that's important too when you come here!

On the new blog belonging to our Spanish Teacher Training Department you can find out why Adela was filming the activity… If you're a teacher, it makes fascinating listening [interview in Spanish]

>> IH Barcelona Spanish Teacher Training Department blog

>> 30 days, 30 photos of Barcelona #28

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