Social program Barcelona, September 21-27

View of Barcelona showing Torre Agbar and Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia: one of Barcelona's most distinctive landmarks. Come with us Wednesday… | Photo: Tom Walton

We've got another four-day week this week, with Thursday being a holiday for Barcelona's festa major, La Mercè (don't miss it…!).

This week's social program (with the first event Monday, not Tuesday, as it usually is):

  • Monday 21st | Come with us this afternoon on our walk round the Barrio Gótico, the old part of the city of Barcelona, with its fascinating history and architecture (16.00).
  • Tuesday 22nd | We're going to visit the Parlament de Catalunya this afternoon (what do they actually do inside there, except waste the tax-payers money?!). The trip is also interesting because the Parlament is located in the lovely Parc de la Ciutadella (16.30).
  • Wednesday 23rd | No trip to Barcelona would be complete without seeing the Sagrada Familia, the Gaudí cathedral. This afternoon we'll also be going just up the road from the Sagrada Familia to the equally magificent Hospital de Sant Pau (16.00).
  • Thursday 24th | Fiesta (and no class!)
  • Friday 25th | It's Friday: start the weekend with our Friday Club language exchange (and, beforehand, don't miss our "crazy half-hour", 19.00 to 19.30, with the Estrella Dorada 2-for-1!). In the bar/on the terrace (19.00-21.00).

Join us in Reception ("C" floor), unless otherwise stated, at the times given above.

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  1. Nice pic. Taken from where…? Un beso, K.

  2. Think it must either have been from near the top of the Park Güell, Kate, or else it's the top of the Turo del Putget [map].

    Probably the latter, as the tall white building, right foreground, is I think in the Plaza Lesseps.

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