Fashion victim…?

Fashion victim?

Looking the part in the world's coolest city | Photo: Magdalena Urbanska

Barcelona is very design… You can laugh at it but it's a place where every third person is a designer: a graphic designer, a web designer, a fashion designer, a industrial designer, an interior designer, a freak designer…

There are crowds of design victims and cool hunters.

And all of them create this amazing atmosphere of Barcelona that attracts creative people from all over the world.

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Entrar en el corazón de la ciudad

Back street, Gothic Quarter, BarcelonaPassatge de Sert | Photo: Irene Ucha

Enfrente de IH Barcelona, hay un pasaje que te lleva al corazón de la ciudad. Dejas atrás el ruido de los coches y te adentras en un tranquilo pasillo de aire fresco, un bar, un restaurante, algún estudio… y al final esta puerta de hierro forjado.

Al atravesar su umbral llegas a una ciudad diferente, a un laberinto de callejuelas que podría ser la Barcelona de hace 30 años.

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Party a day early at this week's Friday Club!

Sant Joan at the Friday Club

Kay shows us what she's got lined up for this week: ¡Cava, coca, petardos y cohetes!

Sant Joan — one of Barcelona's wildest parties — is the theme for this week's Friday Club (June 22). For anyone studying English with us, it's also a celebration of the end of term.

We'll have the traditional coca and cava (cake and sparkling wine) and will be chucking a few fireworks, too (the petardos and cohetes). Sant Joan isn't really until Saturday night, but what difference does a day make when you're with friends?

Note that the Friday Club continues throughout the summer. If you want to practise your English or your Spanish (and quite a few other languages can be heard as well!), come along!

About the Friday Club
The Friday Club language exchange meets every Friday, 19.00 to 21.00, in the bar and on the terrace at IH Barcelona.

Una Estrella, por favor!

Una jarra

Una jarra… ¡Salud! | Photo: Tom Walton

In a previous post, you learnt how to order yourself a coffee in Spanish. Now let's get ourselves a beer or two!

Una Estrella >>
Una Voll Damm >>
Una mediana >>
Un quinto >>

Most Spanish people ask for their beer by name — Estrella and Voll Damm are the two most popular brands, with the latter being stronger (5.4º vs 7.2º). Bottled beer is the norm, with a mediana being 0.33 litre, a quinto 0.20 litre.

Una jarra >>
Una caña >>

If you prefer your beer out of a barrel, you want a jarra if you're thirsty or are in a hurry to party, or a caña if you want a little glass a kid might bring milk out of.

Una clara >>
Una clarita >>

In the summer, a clara is refreshing — usually being half beer, half lemon Fanta or Schweppes. (Marga's clarita there is purely a diminutive form: she'll be disappointed if her glass is smaller than the average clara!)

Un tercio >>
Un botellín >>

We've provided you with what people ask for in Barcelona; elsewhere in Spain, they call a mediana un tercio, a quinto un botellín.