Magdalena Urbanska

Magdalena Urbanska

Magdalena Urbanska, self-portrait

Magda: "I'm from Poland and have been working at IH in the Marketing Department since 2006.

"I photograph people because that is what I find the most important and interesting. However I like to experiment and sometimes there comes a moment when you simply want to keep the impression that a place or a situation has made on you.

"One of the things I like about Barcelona is that there is a lot of space for such moments."

In June, Magdalena will be joining Irene Ucha and Tom Walton in our "30 days, 30 photos of Barcelona" special. You can see more of Magdalena's photography on her website.

Spanish in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Street musicians, Santiago de Cuba

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  • Evenings on the colonial Casa Granda hotel verandah where you can sip mojitos, enjoy the music and watch life go by in the main square below.
  • The Casa de la Trova – full of people dancing the night away to live music while drinking Cuban rum cocktails.
  • The Cuban grandmother who sways around the main square selling Cuban cigars from her wicker basket …. and smokes them as well!

Please note that the special discount applies to the course fee only, not accommodation.

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Spanish courses in six great destinations
As part of the VIVA group, IH Barcelona runs Spanish courses in six great destinations: in Spain, in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Tarragona; in the Carribean, in Santiago de Cuba (Cuba) and Playa del Carmen (Mexico); and, in Latin America, Bogotá (Colombia).

30 days, 30 photos of Barcelona

In the month of June, we'll be posting a "photo of the day" here each day, a photo relating in some way to Barcelona, though not necessarily of its many, many tourist attractions.

Our photographers are Irene Ucha and Magda Urbanska, talented professional photographers who also work in the Accounts and Marketing Departments at IH Barcelona.

Irene and Magda will be joined by Tom Walton (above), webmaster at IH Barcelona.

Leicester (UK) born Tom adds: "I've lived in Barcelona for the last 25 years, working at IH Barcelona since 2001. I'm thrilled to be doing this project with Irene and Magda, though a little nervous — I'm a complete novice when it comes to photography. I got interested in it basically when I had kids. I suppose I do have one advantage: Barcelona is such a fabulous city for anyone with a camera!"

Favourite subjects: "Apart from my kids, Barcelona's many dragons, its windows and the sort of curios you see in the street — doorknockers, that kind of thing…"

Social program, May 28-June 2

The social program for this week in Barcelona…

  • Tuesday 29th | Today's excursion takes us to "las joyas del Gótico" — three of Barcelona's Gothic churches. There's a lot more to Barcelona's architecture than Gaudí! (16.00).
  • Wednesday 30th | You did come to Barcelona to see Gaudí? Join us this afternoon as we visit La Pedrera, perhaps the most famous of the Gaudí buildings in the city (15.30)
  • Thursday 31st | We'll be watching La lengua de las mariposas today. Come along and practise your Spanish at our film afternoon (16.15).
  • Friday 1st | Friday Club, further details later this week (19.00-21.00 in the Bar, "D" floor).
  • Saturday 2nd | We have a day trip to the Dalí musuem and Girona today (09.00). Further details in reception.

Join us in Reception ("C" floor), unless otherwise stated, at the times given above.