Graffiti Barcelona

Graffiti, Barcelona | Photo: Magdalena Urbanska

There are plenty of places, walls, gates with graffiti in BCN. Sometimes I smile when I recognize the work of the same artist in different areas of the city. This one I saw next to the Ciutadella Park and it surprised me a lot, the message is very different from others. Which is why I like it…

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Social program, June 18-23

The social program for this week in Barcelona…

  • Monday 18th | Join us on the terrace for our Aperitivo de Bienvenida to welcome those of you starting your Spanish course this week (13.45)
  • Tuesday 19th | This afternoon's trip takes us round the Barrio Gótico, the old quarter of Barcelona (16.00)
  • Wednesday 20th | We're going to one of Barcelona's must-see monuments this afternoon, Gaudí's amazing Park Güell (16.00)
  • Thursday 21st | (16.00) Come with us this afternoon to the CaixaForum [website], another lovely piece of architecture and one of Barcelona's most visited art galleries (among the exhibitions currently on, FotoPres'07)
  • Friday 22nd | Friday Club, further details later this week (19.00-21.00 in the Bar, "D" floor).
  • Saturday 23rd | We have a day trip to the monastery at Montserrat [website] and the seaside town of Sitges today. Further details in reception.

Join us in Reception ("C" floor), unless otherwise stated, at the times given above.

Swimming on the Ramblas, Barcelona

Fish in a bowl, Barcelona Ramblas

On sale on the Ramblas, Barcelona | Photo: Tom Walton

Let's pretend the football didn't happen… Here's a fish: the animal rights activists want to get rid of them, and Barcelona's Town Council says it will, but there are still kiosks selling fish, birds and reptiles at the top of the Ramblas.

They're kind of sad, but they're part of the Ramblas, always have been and personally I'd be sorry to see them go. They've always reminded me of a phrase from a novel by Julio Cortázar: "agonía en una jaula atestada de golondrinas enfurecidas".

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Last chance for Barça

The Spanish League comes to a thrilling climax tonight, on the last day of the season. If Real Madrid beat Mallorca, they'll win it; if they fail to do so, and Barça win away to bottom-of-the-table Nástic, Barça will.

Barça will be hoping Mallorca can do a "Tenerife", Real Madrid having blown the league twice on the last day of the season by failing to beat Tenerife, back in 1991-92 and 1992-93.

If that happens, get down to the top of the Ramblas at about 11 tonight for the celebrations; if it doesn't, pretend you don't really like football anyway!

En la acera de Barcelona

Barcelona pavementEn la acera… | Photo: Irene Ucha

Dream of this shape, and you're destined to come to Barcelona, Irene tells us…


Si mientras caminas ves el dibujo de esta acera, es que estás en la ciudad Condal…

Si sueñas con estas cenefas, es que estás destinado a venir a Barcelona…

On the Passeig de Gracia (you know, the big street with all those posh shops!), you'll find a more elaborate design, echoing some of the motifs you'll see on some of Barcelona's amazing modernista architecture.

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