Espanyol in UEFA Cup Final

UEFA Cup Final

Front page news: Espanyol made it to the UEFA Cup Final

It's not often that Espanyol — Barcelona's 'other' Spanish first division football team — make the headlines. They did this morning, having beaten favourites Werder Bremen 1-2 to reach the UEFA Cup Final (Glasgow, May 16) 5-1 on aggregate.

If you are coming to Barcelona, you certainly don't want to miss a Barça game at the Nou Camp, but a match at Espanyol's Olympic Stadium is quite something too.

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Mexican fiesta at this week's Friday Club

Mexican Fiesta

This week's Friday Club: Mexican Fiesta

The theme for this week's Friday Club is Mexico (May 4th). There'll be Mexican music, a Mexico trivia quiz and a piñata, among other fun and games.

Not sure what a piñata is? Come along and find out… Or you could check out the pictures of piñatas on our Riviera Maya site.

About the Friday Club
The Friday Club meets every Friday, 19.00 to 21.00, in the bar at IH Barcelona. Come along — it's a great way to meet people and get some language practice in fun surroundings!