Social program, May 28-June 2

The social program for this week in Barcelona…

  • Tuesday 29th | Today's excursion takes us to "las joyas del Gótico" — three of Barcelona's Gothic churches. There's a lot more to Barcelona's architecture than Gaudí! (16.00).
  • Wednesday 30th | You did come to Barcelona to see Gaudí? Join us this afternoon as we visit La Pedrera, perhaps the most famous of the Gaudí buildings in the city (15.30)
  • Thursday 31st | We'll be watching La lengua de las mariposas today. Come along and practise your Spanish at our film afternoon (16.15).
  • Friday 1st | Friday Club, further details later this week (19.00-21.00 in the Bar, "D" floor).
  • Saturday 2nd | We have a day trip to the Dalí musuem and Girona today (09.00). Further details in reception.

Join us in Reception ("C" floor), unless otherwise stated, at the times given above.

Motown at the Friday Club

Motown at the Friday Club
The "magic of motown" comes to the Friday Club

You can tell your "Supremes" from your "Temptations"…? Come along to the Friday Club tomorrow (May 25) and we'll put you to the test! You need to swot it up a bit? Head over to the Wikipedia entry on Motown Records first!

Even if you're too young to remember the 60s, come along anyway — the Friday Club is always fun, and it's a great way to practise your Spanish, too.

About the Friday Club
The Friday Club meets every Friday, 19.00 to 21.00, in the bar at IH Barcelona.

La horchata

Ya ha llegado el buen tiempo. ¡Es el momento perfecto de tomarse una horchata bien fresca!

Si todavía no conoces esta bebida típica de la huerta valenciana, no dudes en probarla. Se elabora con agua, azúcar, canela y chufa, un tipo de tubérculo, que le da ese sabor tan característico.

Hoy te recomendamos dos de los lugares donde puedes beber la mejor horchata de Barcelona.

El primer establecimiento es Sirvent, en la calle Parlament 56, cerca del Mercat de Sant Antoni. En verano encontrarás siempre gente sentada a las mesas o esperando en la puerta para tomarse un vaso de horchata o comprar un litro y llevárselo a casa. Su horchata es realmente buenísima. Y si no te gusta la horchata, no dejes de acompañar a tus amigos: también preparan unos granizados excelentes.

Nuestra segunda recomendación es la granja La Valenciana, Aribau 18. Su horchata es estupenda y podrás acompañarla con los tradicionales fartons, unos bizcochos alargados que se mojan en la horchata. Y si quieres algo diferente, pide un cubanito: un vaso de horchata con una bola de helado de chocolate dentro, o uno de sus deliciosos batidos. Nuestro preferido es el de leche merengada.

Social program, May 21-26

The social program for this week in Barcelona…

  • Monday 21st | Join us on the terrace for an "aperitivo de bienvenida" to welcome those of you who are starting this week (13.45)
  • Tuesday 22nd | Today's trip takes us into Gracia, best known for its squares and bars and restaurants, and to see one of Guadí's less well-known houses, the Casa Vicens (16.00)
  • Wednesday 23rd | We'll be going to one of Barcelona's most famous art galleries, the Miró Foundation (15.45)
  • Thursday 24th | We'll be taking you off the beat track this afternoon as we go to some of the less famous places in the old quarter of the city (16.00)
  • Friday 25th | Friday Club, further details later this week (19.00-21.00 in the Bar, "D" floor)
  • Saturday 26th | We have a day trip to the amazing mountain of Montserrat .today (09.00). Further details in reception

Join us in Reception ("C" floor), unless otherwise stated, at the times given above.

So near and yet so far for Espanyol

A 90 minutos de la gloria…

A headline in yesterday's edition of 20Minutos, one of the freebie newspapers you'll find in Barcelona: Espanyol were "90 minutes away from glory" in the UEFA Cup final.

In the end, 90 minutes (or rather 120, as the game went to extra-time) was the closest Espanyol got. They came from behind twice, played nearly half the game with only 10 men, after a dodgy sending-off, equalised for the second time with under 5 minutes remaining… only to then lose out 3-1 on penalties.

When you come to Barcelona, add "go to a football match" to your "to-do list". We're crazy about the game here!

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Learning Spanish
Note the construction in the headline. We also say, for example, that Barcelona's amazing concert hall, the Palau de la Música "está a 2 minutos de IH" (is two minutes from IH), for that Sitges (if you want to go to the beach) "está a 40 kilómetros" (40 kms away). You could of course just stroll down to the beach right here in Barcelona!

While you're here, pick up a freebie paper in the morning — it's a great way to practise your Spanish!

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