El Mesón del Café

Meson del Cafe, Barcelona

Coffee in the heart of Barcelona | Photo Tom Walton

Earlier this week Irene posted a picture here of a gateway leading into the heart of Barcelona. Here's one today from the heart itself…

I guess lots of people must have somewhere in their city which, to them, is the center of the place. For me, it's a little coffee bar — the Mesón del Café — just off the Plaza Sant Jaume. I'm not sure why it's my center of the city… maybe it's the buildings in the streets of the old city you have to walk down to get there. But, here, I couldn't be anywhere else in the world but Barcelona…

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Survival Spanish: Get breakfast!

We've looked at how to get yourself a coffee in Spanish. But how about you get yourself something more substantial for breakfast before going to class…?

Spanish teacher Xavi Mula teaches Barbara Braithwaite half a dozen phrases we think you might find useful when you come to Barcelona…

The phrases:

  • Tengo hambre I'm hungry
  • ¿Vamos a desayunar? Shall we have breakfast?
  • Un café con leche y un croisán A white coffee and a croissant
  • Un zumo de naranja An orange juice
  • Un bocadillo de jamón A ham sandwich
  • ¿Cuánto es? How much is it?

Now, ready for class…?

Fashion victim…?

Fashion victim?

Looking the part in the world's coolest city | Photo: Magdalena Urbanska

Barcelona is very design… You can laugh at it but it's a place where every third person is a designer: a graphic designer, a web designer, a fashion designer, a industrial designer, an interior designer, a freak designer…

There are crowds of design victims and cool hunters.

And all of them create this amazing atmosphere of Barcelona that attracts creative people from all over the world.

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Entrar en el corazón de la ciudad

Back street, Gothic Quarter, BarcelonaPassatge de Sert | Photo: Irene Ucha

Enfrente de IH Barcelona, hay un pasaje que te lleva al corazón de la ciudad. Dejas atrás el ruido de los coches y te adentras en un tranquilo pasillo de aire fresco, un bar, un restaurante, algún estudio… y al final esta puerta de hierro forjado.

Al atravesar su umbral llegas a una ciudad diferente, a un laberinto de callejuelas que podría ser la Barcelona de hace 30 años.

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