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Get your students to talk, listen and draw

If you're familiar with Barcelona, you should (just about!) recognise what the illustration above is supposed to represent. It came from morning break last week in the staffroom, where there was some disagreement about whether or not you can get learners to draw things. I think you can — and should — no matter how […]

Pictures taken by learners, shared via WhatsApp

Photos taken by learners on mobile phones Another one from my IH Barcelona ELT Conference session earlier this month, both ideas tried out by two former colleagues, Kate and Rachel, with teens. Left, above, the idea was taking photos of anything at all of interest found in shop windows; right, the idea was to photograph […]

Drawing Mr Men: a fun "getting to know you" activity

Another activity that I demonstrated in my session at our ELT Conference last weekend (the original idea [content in Spanish] for which came from my colleague Xavi Mula). Before you begin, you probably want to make it clear that this is intended to be fun: you don't want anyone to be offended. It's also an […]

Keep calm and don't use Google Images

Here's another slide from my session at our ELT Conference last Saturday… In fact I always suggest this to trainees on our CELTA courses: CELTA can be quite a stressful course, and it gets especially so if you waste an hour or more looking for images that may in fact be adding little or nothing […]

Creative teachers or creative learners?

Minibooks created in Christine Wilson's session | Photo: Christine Wilson Among the great sessions at the IH Barcelona ELT Conference this last weekend there were several on the subject of creativity, with the suggestion being that we should all be creative teachers. I didn't get to see Christine Wilson's session but that's what I understand […]

2 seconds of technology, 1 photo, for hours of language

From my session at IH Barcelona's ELT Conference yesterday… Photo for the IWB http://t.co/SoR2y5PScJ Give your learners literally 2 secs to look at it, then talk to each other about what they saw #ELT — Tom Walton (@Tom_IHBCN) January 14, 2014 As you'll see if you follow through on the link to National Geographic, it's […]

Great sources of images for class (not Google Images!)

In my session at IH Barcelona's ELT Conference next weekend, I'm going to mention the following as sources of images for use in language classes. My aversion to Google Images comes at least in part from watching trainees on our CELTA courses waste countless hours there looking for pictures to take to class, and often […]

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