Classroom management in the computer room

You are about to take your class to a computer lab….

Apart from taking with you a good lesson plan, plus your "Plan B" in case it turns out that there's no Internet access at all, or that the site you were going to use doesn't seem to be there any more, there are a number of classroom management issues that you might consider.

How would you answer the following questions:

  1. You get to the room first (before your students) and turn all the chairs round to face away from the PC screens — why?
  2. Which is best, and why: 1 student per PC; 2 students to a PC; 3 students to a PC; or more than 3?
  3. Your students are busily engaged on doing their "task" — and you want their attention. How do you obtain it (not easy, when you're competing with the Web!)
  4. What percentage of the lesson do you think your learners should spend looking at their computer screens?
  5. What other classroom management issues do you think might arise?