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Halloween photos on mobile phones

Image: Barcelona tobacconist's window, taken to show students as an example Here's a project that seems to be going down well: having teens compete to see who can take the best Halloween themed pictures on their mobile phones. They're sharing them in lots of places (Facebook, Twitter, via WhatsApp…) though where they're supposed to be […]

A wonderful story, perhaps for Valentine's Day

Here's a wonderful story which I picked up via Google Reader from Viral Video Chart (well worth following for videos that can be used in class). I'm not sure what I'd do with it in class, possibly use it as a starting point for a creative writing exercise, possibly for Valentine's Day. But it's too […]

Writing task: Letters to complete strangers

Here's another one which is "just an idea" for class, and which I found in an article on today's Guardian. You might not want to do it as your learners' first experience of creative writing, but if they were to do it anonymously and each receive a letter from another member of the class, it […]

A social activity for Halloween

Here's one for Halloween. I'm not sure that there's actually the basis of a lesson there, but it's fun (and class should be fun, shouldn't it?). If there's not class time to spend on such things, an Edmodo group for your class is a great place to share and comment on such things, even (especially?) […]

Fun video activity for Halloween

Here's one for you if you've got class on Monday, Halloween. I love this activity as it's so simple, requires so little in the way of preparation, and (assuming you've picked a good clip for it) always generates lots of interaction between the learners. The idea has been around a long time, since the days […]

Fun Christmas writing lesson idea

Photo: Tom Walton Here's one I got in the newsletter from very useful English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme (or ELTeCS), which has six regional e-mail newslists covering the world and carrying news but also useful links and ideas for lessons. This particular Christmas lesson idea is on the wonderful TeachingEnglish.org.uk site, surely the best site […]

Online debates on Debatewise

One that was suggested in the DevelopingTeachers.com Teaching Tips 156 newsletter… This Friday (23rd) is Saint George's Day and DT have a debate on that on DebateWise, as well as lesson ideas for it. Debatewise might be fun for your learners to see how many people out in cyberspace they could pull into a debate… […]

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