Halloween photos on mobile phones

Image: Barcelona tobacconist's window, taken to show students as an example

Here's a project that seems to be going down well: having teens compete to see who can take the best Halloween themed pictures on their mobile phones.

They're sharing them in lots of places (Facebook, Twitter, via WhatsApp…) though where they're supposed to be 😉 sharing and commenting on them is on the Edmodo group set up for the class. 25 people have so far posted 47, which is great, though the amount of commenting has been a bit disappointing so far (perhaps we needed to insist on it more?).

After next weekend (when lots are going to Halloween parties where they're supposed to take more photos), the idea is for the learners to discuss and award prizes for the funniest, scariest, cutest… etc,

Thanks to Kate for trying the idea out!

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A wonderful story, perhaps for Valentine's Day

Here's a wonderful story which I picked up via Google Reader from Viral Video Chart (well worth following for videos that can be used in class).

I'm not sure what I'd do with it in class, possibly use it as a starting point for a creative writing exercise, possibly for Valentine's Day. But it's too wonderful not to use it!

Any suggestions as to how it could be used?

Writing task: Letters to complete strangers

Here's another one which is "just an idea" for class, and which I found in an article on today's Guardian.

You might not want to do it as your learners' first experience of creative writing, but if they were to do it anonymously and each receive a letter from another member of the class, it would be at least both original and creative, two things we surely want in our classrooms.

Alternatively, you could have your learners post them on noticeboards and so on around the school. You never know, you might start something…!

If everything must involve technology (and there's no reason why it should!) you could post them all anonymously on a class blog for all to share.

Both the video and/or the article would obviously give you a starting point…

Might make a fun Valentine's Day project, even…

A social activity for Halloween

Here's one for Halloween. I'm not sure that there's actually the basis of a lesson there, but it's fun (and class should be fun, shouldn't it?).

If there's not class time to spend on such things, an Edmodo group for your class is a great place to share and comment on such things, even (especially?) when there's no formal "activity" that has to be completed, and it's simply a social activity (which learning is, or should be, anyway).

One of the many things I like about Edmodo is that learners start to post and share and comment on fun things they find of their own accord, with little or no prompting from their teacher.

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Fun video activity for Halloween

Here's one for you if you've got class on Monday, Halloween.

I love this activity as it's so simple, requires so little in the way of preparation, and (assuming you've picked a good clip for it) always generates lots of interaction between the learners.

The idea has been around a long time, since the days of VCRs (video, that is), when that was "new technology". All you have to do is pair your students and have one person in each pair sit with their backs to the screen, while their partner provides a running commentary on what is happening. If you get them to agree on the "script" before a second viewing for everyone, you'll double the interaction your material leads to.

If you have an interactive whiteboard, it works well with that, too.

Try this one full screen, with the volume turned up and the lights off! It doesn't bother me that my learners are with me to learn English and the soundtrack is in Spanish.

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