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Great things found in 60 seconds on The Guardian

When I turn on my computer every morning, I spend about a minute scanning the front page of The Guardian. I am interested in the news but I really do it to see what I can spot that might be interesting for class. For 60 seconds of my time, I get far more stuff than […]

Book (or film) reviews on post-it notes

Heart of Darkness reviewed on a post-it The idea for books reviews on a post-it note I came across here, on The Perpetual Page-Turner, Jamie's book blog. It would work great if you have a class library; if not, film reviews on post-it notes are an alternative. Things like writing on post-it notes (and super […]

The invisible threads hanging out of books

Hanging out of a book: pull me, please! "What do you do with readers?" I asked in my talk on using graded readers the other day (and Hi! if you're coming to the session in Cordoba this Thursday). "I get the learners to read it and then ask questions about it," someone said. That's ok, […]

Wordle your graded reader

Welcome to my blog, especially if you're coming to my talk on Using Graded Readers with Technology at the Macmillan Teacher's Days in either León or Ponferrada this week. Below an image for one of the tasks I'll be suggesting, which I created by pasting text from the Macmillan reader Room 13 and other stories […]

Using graded readers with technology (2)

Creative writing with graded readers: one of the tasks from the session Hi, and a particular welcome to my blog if you're coming to to my session at the Macmillan Teachers' Day in Valencia this Saturday (31st). Above, you have one of the tasks I will be suggesting, with the example from The Princess Diaries […]

Using graded readers with technology

More Slideshare presentations from Tom Walton. Hi and welcome to my blog if you're coming to the talk on using graded readers with technology which I'm giving at various Macmillan Teachers' Days in Spain between now and early May (see dates). You now have an edited version of my presentation here and on Slideshare. Below, […]

An idea is worth a thousand photocopies

Another of the ideas from my talk last Saturday, with a quote from my former DELTA course tutor… At the previous talk I gave at the IH Barcelona ELT Conference, a year ago, I explained how I'd taken a vow of abstinence, had had my own photocopy code disabled, and not made a photocopy since, […]

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