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Great things found in 60 seconds on The Guardian

When I turn on my computer every morning, I spend about a minute scanning the front page of The Guardian. I am interested in the news but I really do it to see what I can spot that might be interesting for class. For 60 seconds of my time, I get far more stuff than […]

Bucket lists: an idea for just about any age

Here's a wonderful video made in support of a noble cause, Water is Life, which I saw on the excellent TeachThought site. Apart from what you could do with the video itself, no matter what age your learners are, they could also write their own bucket list [ definition ], either thinking back to when […]

Another wonderful lesson plan from Film English

Here's one of the best things I took away from yesterday's Image Conference: a wonderful lesson plan to accompany the above video. I highly, highly recommend Kieran Donaghy's Film English, which recently won an ELTON. It has great lesson plans based on short films, which are invariably wonderfully as films, which people then seem to […]

50 ways to use music and song in the classroom

Just a quick link to a wonderful collection of great ideas on using music and song from David Deubel's excellent blog. Heres' one of my personal favourites for using song, from the same source, though if I had to pick one idea for exploiting songs (and particularly YouTube video clips) I'd have to say using […]

If students designed their own schools…

I'm not sure where I got this one from (Mashable?). At 14'26" it's way too long to watch in its entirety in class but I think not watching it in class, and just asking the learners to finish the sentence (the title of this post) would probably be a great starting point for discussion, especially […]

Wonderful job interview ad for class

This one would work particularly well with adults, level say B1+, with experience of job interviews. As an obvious lead-in, you have your learners' experience of job interviews (bizarre or otherwise). A series of "What if" questions might also be discussed such as, "What would you answer if you were asked "What's your management style?" […]

Writing task: Letters to complete strangers

Here's another one which is "just an idea" for class, and which I found in an article on today's Guardian. You might not want to do it as your learners' first experience of creative writing, but if they were to do it anonymously and each receive a letter from another member of the class, it […]

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