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10 towns: no preparation, no materials, no technology

Bilbao | Photo: Tom Walton Here's an old activity (probably best for B2 or above) I last did with learners a long time ago but which I happened to come across when doing the spring cleaning.  I'm fairly sure the idea was the result of a conversation with my colleague Susana Ortiz one day in […]

The kind of image you want for class

One I retweeted earlier, from the amazing 500px.com (on Twitter as @500px): Walk by Anna Kulesza: http://t.co/vL24X3Doam via @500px #photography pic.twitter.com/bX1YdmNfHx — 500px (@500px) October 3, 2014 I never use Google Images to look for images to use in class, but see so many great images by following people like 500px on Twitter. If you […]

12 tweets, links to 100s of ideas for class

Having got to 365 tweets, I took a look back at what I've been posting and picked out a dozen things that I particularly liked for one reason or another. In reverse chronological order… #1 | Because, thanks to Twitter, I discovered a great blog for anyone teaching Young Learners: 50 great ways to use […]

Get your students to talk, listen and draw

If you're familiar with Barcelona, you should (just about!) recognise what the illustration above is supposed to represent. It came from morning break last week in the staffroom, where there was some disagreement about whether or not you can get learners to draw things. I think you can — and should — no matter how […]

Athletes don't eat photocopies before competition!

This one came from the amazing BuzzFeed, where I probably spend more of my free time than I should, but find some real fun material for class in doing so, with the video above being an example. Such things are great because for the 60 seconds it takes you to spot them (OK, maybe I […]

All-time favourite listening comprehension activity

A few further comments on an idea I tweeted earlier today… Listening task that always works well, B2+: transcribe 60 sec video news http://t.co/K55Ud1wfnH then discuss #ELT — Tom Walton (@Tom_IHBCN) June 1, 2014   I've been doing this with classes since before the Internet (!!!), taking a radio (what?!) into class to play the […]

Great things found in 60 seconds on The Guardian

When I turn on my computer every morning, I spend about a minute scanning the front page of The Guardian. I am interested in the news but I really do it to see what I can spot that might be interesting for class. For 60 seconds of my time, I get far more stuff than […]

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