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All-time favourite listening comprehension activity

A few further comments on an idea I tweeted earlier today… Listening task that always works well, B2+: transcribe 60 sec video news http://t.co/K55Ud1wfnH then discuss #ELT — Tom Walton (@Tom_IHBCN) June 1, 2014   I've been doing this with classes since before the Internet (!!!), taking a radio (what?!) into class to play the […]

Another wonderful lesson plan from Film English

Here's one of the best things I took away from yesterday's Image Conference: a wonderful lesson plan to accompany the above video. I highly, highly recommend Kieran Donaghy's Film English, which recently won an ELTON. It has great lesson plans based on short films, which are invariably wonderfully as films, which people then seem to […]

50 ways to use music and song in the classroom

Just a quick link to a wonderful collection of great ideas on using music and song from David Deubel's excellent blog. Heres' one of my personal favourites for using song, from the same source, though if I had to pick one idea for exploiting songs (and particularly YouTube video clips) I'd have to say using […]

Five things to look for in YouTube clips

What YouTube clips are going to "work" with your learners? Here's one, which I've not used with a class of learners (yet!) but which seems to have a lot going for it… With just about any YouTube video you use with learners you want: A short clip, under 3 minutes definitely, under 2 better, under […]

Texts learners actually want to read

Here's a story I spotted this morning when I opened Google Reader, as I do first thing every morning. I do that because almost every morning it brings me something I could use in class. The headline that caught my eye was Miami Invaded By Giant, House-Eating Snails, and I immediately bookmarked it on Delicious, […]

How green is your Internet?

How Green Is Your Internet? from Patrick Clair on Vimeo. Another reason to hate Facebook (only kidding!). I used this in class as listening comprehension material and got late teens/young adults to try and record all the figures they heard and got quite a good discussion out of it afterwards.

Video for Business English classes

These links came from posts on the IATEFL Business English SIG… In the video, Phil Dourado talks about his book The 60 Second Leader. You'll find lots more "60 Second" videos on YouTube and I think they'd work great in a Business English class. They're not all 60 second videos, which is a shame — […]

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