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Ever felt like chucking a PC out of the window?

It was a "Good Week" for justice, says The Week: "Police in Hanover, Germany, refused to press charges against a man who was struggling with a balky computer late at night and hurled it out the window, causing a loud crash that woke some of his neighbors. "Who hasn't felt like doing that?" said a […]

How much does the Internet weigh?

Two useless facts about technology I thought you might like to know: All the wisdom, information and pornographic images (etc) on the Internet weighs 0.2 millionths of an ounce. Forest guards in India are using cell phone ring tones of cows mooing, goats bleating, and roosters crowing to lure hungry leopards away from human inhabitation. […]

Really stupid technology

$500? For headphones?! Picture: Not the Shure E500PTH… PC World has just published a list of The 20 Most Innovative Products of the Year… At number 20, the Shure E500PTH Sound Isolating Earphones (a mere $500, no, that's not a misprint). PC World says the "in-ear, sound-isolating headphones nestle themselves in your ear canal and […]

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