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The Image Conference: Film, Video, Images and Gaming

The Image Conference is taking place at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB Casa Convelescencia, Barcelona on Saturday 8th June. The conference has been organised by the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG and UAB Idiomes, and it is the first conference exclusively on the use of film, video, image and gaming in language teaching. Speakers include renowned […]

Amoeba, Amoeba: a hilarious game, fun to film

Also from last week's session in Zaragoza… Here's one that my daughter Isabel brought back from Canada last summer and which I suggest as a fun activity to do with young learners, perhaps in the last 10 minutes of an "animal vocabulary" lesson. My example has amoeba, chicken, bird and eagle in it but you […]

Games for learning

From the excellent TechLearning blog, this selection of 40 Sites for Educational Games, not by any means all of them intended for language learning. Specifically for ELT, there's the excellent Digital Play blog (Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer) as well as the prize-winning book of the same title. I'm not a big games-in-class player myself, […]

Minimally invasive technology

The next quotation I used in my conference talk actually came from Scott Thornbury's talk at the IH Barcelona conference last year, in which he talked about "minimally invasive education" and discussed Sugata Mitra's Hole in the Wall experiments. Technology too should be "minimally invasive", though there is always the danger that classroom technology will […]

The ingredients missing in Second Life

Fifa10: now that's what I call a game! An article on ASTD caught my eye this morning: Ten Ingredients of Great Games. Which of those does Second Life not have? While SL does have "self-representation with avatars" and "three-dimensional environments", obviously, what I found missing until I vowed never to return was "narrative context" (engaging […]

10 books for teaching young learners

Someone on our post-CELTA support group asked the question the other day… Did anyone have suggestions on how to spend a £500 budget (!) on books for the staffroom for those teaching young learners? These would be my suggestions, with the cash left over being spent on giving each teacher their own personal copy of […]

The power of story telling

Once upon a time… Another one I didn't have to search for, as it came to me via my RSS feed: an article on storytelling by Mario Rinvolucri on my favourite ELT site, teachingenglish.org.uk. Story telling, Mario says, is "a uniquely powerful linguistic and psychological technique in the hands of a language teacher" and suggests […]

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