Task #4: A blogging project

We're going to use the "comments" to this post (below) to brainstorm a list of the 25 greatest rock albums of all time. With a partner, agree on one that should be on the list, name it in the comments, and add up to 25 words justifying your choice.

If you disagree with an album someone else has suggested, say so (in a separate comment).

Don't forget that you should also create a comment to record what you think of the task.

Task #5: Podcasting

With your two partners, take the following roles: (1) interviewer, the Director of Studies (DoS) in a language school; (2) candidate, a newly qualified teacher looking for a job; and (3) observer.

Interviewer, you have 1 min to decide what questions you are going to ask.

Role-play the interview (max. 2 mins).

Observer: advise the candidate what s/he should have said…

Role-play it again, with exactly the same questions from the interviewer, and the candidate following the observer's advice.

Note that we are going to record the interview and post it on the Internet.

And here's one that we created: