Setting up a blog with Blogger

You want a blog…? First of all you need a Google account!

Blogger is one of the best options for blogging. You first step, however, has to be to go to Gmail and set up an account (1, in the image above).

Next, go to…

Next you want to go to, where you could "Take a quick tour" (centre of image, above, if you're still not sure what blogging is). "Create your blog now" will start the set-up process, which really is as easy as they suggest.

Sign up for Blogger!

You've got your email (Gmail) address, now you want to give yourself a "display name" (2, in the image above). Your display name is what (automatically) appears where it says "Posted by…" at the foot of each post.

Your blog title and address…

Now you have to give your blog a title (3)… It's about your thoughts on life? Make that "My thoughts on life" (or whatever). The "blog address" (or URL) (4) is where it will actually be published on the web.

What do you want your blog to look like…?

Your "template" determines (automatically) what your blog will look like. Choose the least horrible looking for now, and come back and change it afterwards (when you will also get more options), if you want.

… and that's it!

Your blog has been created. Click "start posting" to do just that — it really is that simple.

Blogging… why it's just like email!

You are now ready to start posting on your blog. Virtually all the buttons there will be familiar to you from emailing.

While there's a bit more still to learn (how to personalise your template, upload images, create links and so on), blogging really isn't complicated.

If you can email, you can blog…