Great things in online HLT magazine

Here's a couple of non-technological things from a great little online publication, Humanising Language Teaching, which reaches me six times a year via email:

I'm not sure what my own favourite Mario Rinvolucri activity is (he did an amazing one at Encuentro Práctico here in Barcelona back in December when he got 400 people to chant Greek back to him); indeed, I've no doubt I do lots of his activities without realising they are his…

Of his books, my personal favourites are Dictation (which I still do, though it's unfashionable) and Once Upon A Time, both of which date back well over 20 years.

"Non-techological…" But I always ask myself, how could I do that with technology, and could I do it better?

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  1. Funny, that: I've just been reading an article on on stop-go dictation. It doesn't cite MR, but it definitely looks like something by him!

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