Do you look like a tourist?


Here's one that would probably work best if you teach in a major tourist destination like I do in Barcelona — a Life gallery of How New Yorkers Can Spot a Tourist.

I'd suggest that we could get a neat little lesson out of asking first how people in Barcelona (or wherever) can spot a tourist and then comparing the ideas produced with what is said online. The comments on the Life gallery provide you with text for reading comprehension.

Having the class them produce a list of "10 ways to avoid looking like a tourist" makes for a great follow-up discussion and/or writing task, perhaps to go on a class blog.

Having the learners brainstorm the ideas on an interactive whiteboard always works well for me…

The idea came from the email of Life magazine's Weekly Top Ten [subscribe].

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  1. Article on about the same subject. Un beso, K.

  2. Thanks for that, Kate. Lifehacker, love it — one of my favourite sites, and there's lots of Lifehacker stuff I've used in class.

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