Argh! Bloglines to close, October 1

Bloglines, a popular RSS reader [definition] is to close October 1, as it says "being locked in an RSS reader makes less and less sense to people as Twitter and Facebook dominate real-time information flow".

Thanks to Twitter and the like, people don't read use RSS readers any more, in other words (though over 70% of Mashable's readers do — or at least they did, a year ago).

To follow lots of blogs (and a huge etcetera), however, an RSS reader is indispensable — and has at least one huge advantage over Twitter and Facebook: you choose who or what you want to follow, and you don't finish up swamped by garbage.

Switching over to a different RSS reader is simply a question of exporting your feeds from Bloglines and importing them into a new one… but which one? The new, social media version of Google Reader was the obvious choice (though I much prefer Bloglines) — but further dependence on the Evil Empire aka Google, that's bad news, too.

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  1. Or:
    – Just rely on Onestopblogs and send them links to any other blogs you want included
    – Keep a nice big blog roll and click through it whenever you fancy (works better if you can do that thing where each blog shows its latest post, but don't know if that's possible on WordPress like what I've got)

  2. Since, I've shifted over (reluctantly) to Google Reader. It's good…

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