1000+ Pictures for Teachers to Copy

I would say Andrew Wright's 1000+ Pictures for Teachers to Copy is the best, most useful book I've read in 25 years in English teaching.

It's practical, it's useful, it will save you (and your learners) lots of time, it's fun — and it teaches you a skill that I think all teachers should have, especially anyone teaching young learners.

You can't draw? You don't need to be able to draw — all you've got to do is learn how to copy a few simple images.

Publisher: Longman ELT, ISBN 0175571007. Available from Amazon.com.

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  1. That's now well over 30+ years in ELT ;-)! But I still think this is THE best book teachers (and not just language teachers) can get their hands on, which is not something the ease of stealing stolen images off of Google has changed.

    You can still obtain Andrew Wright's classic via Amazon, currently 44 GBP. If that sounds too expensive, head to somewhere like Happy Books and look for a picture dictionary for children with a title like "My first 1000 words", and try copying those…

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