Problems, messages with Dfilm/Devolver

Lucy is taking an online course on teaching young learners with us at IH Barcelona and, in the technology module, she was having trouble typing in text in Dfilm/Devolver's MovieMaker.

To test it, I made and sent her the movie above — and she then replied with her own movie.

The idea would probably work well with young learners: if they have something to tell you, like they won't be coming to class, or have forgotten their homework, it's more fun than just an e-mail.

Problems with Moviemaker

There are a couple of minor issues with Moviemaker, one being that it starts to play automatically, so if you embed it on a blog as I've done here, you get that disco beat whether you like it or not (you do have an option to have no music — but that's not going to interest a kid!).

Nor can you edit your movie once you've finished, so you can't then remove the sound track (or correct any other errors). It's also a drawback that you can't record audio.

You'll also find that some of the characters you get (scantily-clad ladies, for example) and some of the possible settings for your movie (like, bubble baths!) are perhaps not entirely suitable for young learners.

Lots of fun, however!

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  1. Er, if they can't do their homework, how come they have time to make movies 😉 ??? Un beso, K.

  2. Funny, that's exactly what Lucy said, Kate!

    I'd be prepared to bet that they would find time to make a movie and, personally, if they did it in reasonable English, I'd forgive them not having done the homework I'd set (which was probably not nearly as interesting anyway ;-)!

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