Things I (don't) do with technology

Hi, if you came to my presentation at IH Barcelona's ELT Conference today, Things I (don't) do with technology. As I never use a photocopier — having deliberately had my own photocopy code disabled! — I promised to provide some of the content either via this blog or else via the Edmodo group set up for the talk.

These are things I do (or don't do) but as I think we should really be thinking not about what the teacher does with technology but what the learners do, each of my nine points below has in parenthesis what my learners do as a result:

  • I never use the photocopier > (the learners create, not merely consume — and especially they don't consume photocopies!)
  • I always have a Plan B > (the learners rarely see me being utterly, utterly incompetent — subconsciously, possibly our greatest fear as teachers)
  • I make only minimal use of technology > (the learners, not the whiteboard, are interactive)
  • I never touch the technology in my classroom > (the learners use the technology)
  • I don't use Google to search for things but use podcasts, RSS, Google Reader and Delicious instead > (at least some of the learners  start using the same tools)
  • I try out at least some new technology and new ideas, which has recently included Edmodo, Voxopop and Prezi, which I used for the presentation > (the learners see and do things that are new)
  • I try to get the maximum reaction and interaction out of minimum materials > (the learners have to do the work)
  • I don't blog or podcast or use Prezi, etc > (the learners blog, etc)
  • I have my learners produce shared digital end products > (the learners create things they're proud of and care about)

It's not the teacher and the technology that matter in the classroom: it's the learners and their doing and sharing things, assisted and enhanced by technology that counts!

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