Learning to use Edmodo (or any other technology)

We're currently half way through the 10-week face-to-face part of the blended CertICT technology course at IH Barcelona, being run in conjunction with The Consultants-E. I'm observing (and participating in) the sessions with a view to then tutoring the face-to-face component in 2011 [next dates, 4-15 July intensive and 7 October-16 December part-time, with a 10-week online component following after each].

To be honest, before we began, at the back of my mind there was a tiny nagging thought that, having spent much of the last 15 years literally in front of a computer screen, I wasn't going to learn a lot from the course.

Predictably, however, that hasn't proved to be true, and in fact I've learnt a lot. All teachers should spend at least part of the year learning something; I don't think it really matters what — so long as it forces you to think, and to think about what you are yourself doing in your classroom, and the course has certainly done that for me. And, being such a huge subject, technology is something you can always learn something else about…

One of the things we're using on the course is Edmodo. I've known about Edmodo for some time (having first heard about it when José Picardo mentioned it at a conference as one of his 10 tried and tested internet tools for teachers) but until now had never actually used it.

Whether we're talking blogs, or podcasting or Edmodo or whatever, the best way to appreciate how technology might work with your own learners is nearly always to try it out yourself. It's then that you start to see what your learners could do with it — and with Edmodo there seems to be lots!

Like all good technology, certainly any I'd want to use in the classroom, Edmodo is simple, easy to use, and it's both private and Facebook- and Twitter-like. I love it and my students are enthusiastic too.

Now, that's got to be a good sign.

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