Fun YouTube video activity

Above, a video I got yesterday in my RSS feed for Viral Video Chart, which tracks and posts videos that "go viral" — which millions of people watch in a very short space of time, that is (in this case, 3.4m+ within days).

The video is crazy enough to work well (I tried it out in class this morning) with an activity that's been around since the days when video first appeared in our classrooms: pairing the learners and having one in each pair sit with their back to the screen while the other provides a running commentary.

What I then like to do is get the person that didn't watch to write down a script of the action, with the aid of their partner. I like to have all the pairs except one using pen and paper, while the last pair write their script on the interactive whiteboard. Writing on the IWB is usually slower but the other pairs pyramid while the IWB pair finish; "whole class", we then improve the script on the IWB; and finally we check it by (everyone) watching the video again.

This one works particularly well as it's not obvious what it is, which leads to discussion — which is what you want!

On the screen at the end, we learn that it's in fact "from the film Las Palmas by Johannes Nyholm". I've not investigated that myself — it's what my learners got for homework. They wanted to know more, so I told them to go find out, and report back — the sort of mini webquest I much prefer to the long drawn-out variety.

The same backs-to-the-screen activity can be done with lots of ads, especially those with a similarly somewhat bizarre storyline.

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