Facebook profile pix: a fun class project

Picnik: Auto-fix your photos, and lots more!

Here's a class project I suggested the other day and which teens loved (thanks, Sandra, for feedback!).

  • In class, 15-16 year olds looked at real examples of their Facebook profile pictures, with a view to using Edmodo (not Facebook, which is less private).
  • At home, they did a web search for ideas on what makes a good social media profile picture
  • In class, they presented their results (some using Prezi to accompany their oral presentation)
  • In class, and later at home, they took better profile pictures, which they edited and improved further, using Picnik)
  • At home, photos were added to their new Edmodo profiles

It was then Sandra's idea to take the project further:

  • In class, her original class presented their web search results and new photos to another class (with another teacher), one two years younger (also using Prezi)
  • In class, the older learners helped the younger ones take profile pictures of each other
  • At home, the younger learners then uploaded their photos to their Edmodo profiles (and quite a few, apparently, also to Facebook!)

The cameras were compacts belonging to the students, and 5-7 were available, for groups approx. 25 in size.

Technologically, it was real easy for the teacher to set up and run, the kids loved it and they got a lot of language use and learning out of it. Great project!

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  1. Where do you GET all these ideas from?! Un beso, K.

  2. Well, this one came from listening to my daughter talking about Facebook profile pictures with one of her friends. As teenage girls, such things are important to them — and anything that's important to them is probably going to work in class.

  3. Don Escéptico

    So, you're using FB with teenager girls? Is that actually a good idea?

  4. No, no, no! I definitely wouldn't use FB with teens (though I know people that do, and who say it's amazing).

    The project isn't one I did, I only suggested it: Sandra, who did it, didn't want to use FB for the same reason I wouldn't: privacy issues.

    The photos are being used (a) on Edmodo, where groups are totally private, and (b) by the kids on their own FB accounts.

    Personally, I'd much rather use Edmodo than FB no matter what the ages of the learners are. With adults, I've found some reluctance to use FB (OK, only maybe about 1 in 5), but none at all to use Edmodo.

  5. What's wrong with using FB with teens? It has even more fun I suppose, thanks for the ideas, loved it!

  6. Nothing "wrong" with it, Hanieh, but I just prefer Edmodo.

    There's a lot "right" with FB: teens love it and use it and so let's use it, right?

    But FB is not (a) entirely private or (b) separate, and I like to have an entirely separate space for them, and for me. I want my learners to use that space ONLY for whatever we're doing as a group, with no other distractions. If you're going to be using computers in class, I think I'd find it hard to keep teens focused once they'd got on to FB.

    It might also be the fact that I'm a 51-year-old male. Maybe it's just me, but I don't want to be "friends" with my teenage learners of either sex. I don't actually, either, want them to have any access to my "private" life. Maybe I'm just not a big enough FB user to appreciate its potential…

    But if you're comfortable with that, and your kids like FB and (vitally) are learning English via using it, go for it, I'd say!

  7. Tom,
    I wouldn't use FB with teenager, probably not even with adults for the same reason you mention. Privacy issues. The Edmodo website you suggest seems much safer privacy-wise and it's a learning and teaching community, which makes it better still. Good job you are you are doing here. I like you IH guys, always with the latest tools and ideas!


  8. Sorry guys, i've made a mess of the names, the previous one is and old one: http://www.howadultslearn.wikispaces.com

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