Strip cartoons with

Doctor, I've got what you want. The last known living da-da bird…

Here's a comic strip three of you started in our session December 5th – using my "plan B",, which I had to fall back on when we couldn't make animations on, which had been working just fine, 30 minutes earlier.

It ( doesn't quite have the same "wow factor" as dfilm (an important consideration).

But the "last known living da-da bird" there looks like it has the makings of a good story. And that's important too because good stories are potentially packed with good language.

As we also commented on during the session, a classroom activity of this kind can also generate lots of use of language (a big consideration) – "let's try…", "why don't we…", "how about having the bird…", that sort of thing.

Vital, obviously, that you get your learners to do things like that in English, not in their own language…

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