Fun video activity for Halloween

Here's one for you if you've got class on Monday, Halloween.

I love this activity as it's so simple, requires so little in the way of preparation, and (assuming you've picked a good clip for it) always generates lots of interaction between the learners.

The idea has been around a long time, since the days of VCRs (video, that is), when that was "new technology". All you have to do is pair your students and have one person in each pair sit with their backs to the screen, while their partner provides a running commentary on what is happening. If you get them to agree on the "script" before a second viewing for everyone, you'll double the interaction your material leads to.

If you have an interactive whiteboard, it works well with that, too.

Try this one full screen, with the volume turned up and the lights off! It doesn't bother me that my learners are with me to learn English and the soundtrack is in Spanish.

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  1. With this version of the video (the previous one having been removed from YouTube), in class you'll want to start around 1'.

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