Getting lots out of next to nothing

My son (thanks Toni!) just sent me the above video, which might be fun in class.

As a general rule, I like to see how much I can get out of how little material (in this case a 1'39" video clip) and how little technology I can use.

Even without playing the clip, I reckon you could get a lot out of asking what people would do in the situation: in a 150-seat movie theatre, there are 148 serious bikers and just two seats left, right in the middle, for you and your partner. Would you sit down?

You might want to download the clip in order to be able to partially hide the fact that it's an ad ( is what I use for that).

If you had an interactive whiteboard, you could download the clip and embed it on a page, which would also conceal the fact that it's an ad (other cool ways it can be done, from Richard Byrne).

With an IWB, you could also use your camera tool to capture stills from the clip, which would be an easy way to set the context. Note that only the first 30 seconds of the video will also set the context nicely before you watch the rest, with a discussion stage before you do so.

After using YouTube clips in class, I always like to share the clips via an Edmodo group. With ads, either there or in class, the question of whether or not it's a good ad and why (not) is always fruitful for discussion, and Edmodo gives your learners somewhere they can share (and comment on) further ads, possibly ones they like more.

• Another clip (thanks Natxo!): Dylan Ratigan getting worked up about the US economy. Hard to understand but, with adults at quite a high level, how much of the gist can your learners get? Can they then explain it coherently themselves. They already know what the problem is!

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  1. Thanks Kate. I noticed that. See you there on the 7th 😉 !

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