The end of the free Picnik

Unless you happen to be OK with throwing all your eggs into the Google basket, this is bad news: Picnik, the fabulous online image-editing software is shortly (April 19) to become only accessible via Google+.

That's bad news because it was a great tool for getting students to edit the digital images that they'd taken, which was great for project work.

Now, they'll either have to head over to Google+ or else just steal someone else's images from Google-is-Evil… which doesn't make for good project work.

In such cases, I'm always glad of, which is a great site for finding alternatives to Picnik and other software of all sorts.

I really like the look of Pixlr as an alternative to Picnik, and will be trying that out rather than surrendering further to the Evil Empire.

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  1. Richard Byrne suggests other alternatives to Picnik.

    I've been using Pixlr a lot recently for my own photos and can strongly recommend both Pixlr Express and the more powerful Pixlr Editor.

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