Technology: it's all a question of (the teacher's) attitude

This is one of my favourite quotations, though it's one I cut out of my conference talk for lack of time.

Using classroom technology successfully (ie. that it produces lots of learning) doesn't depend on the equipment available; it doesn't depend on having a lot of knowledge about technology; it depends first and foremost on the teacher having a positive attitude, on thinking (on believing!) that technology can and will work for them.

I also cut from my talk, because I already had two quotations by him, Doug Johnson's 4 A's of designing technology-enhanced projects:

  • Assignments that matter
  • Activities that involve
  • Assessments that help
  • (Teacher) Attitude is all
Attitude is all: that is so true, and I like to start the longer teacher training courses I do (often with teachers without a lot of self-confidence in using technology) by quoting that short but so important phrase.
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