Creating something from nothing

And, finally, the last of my Technology in 10 quotations, from my talk at the recent IH Barcelona ELT Conference

Classrooms ought to be creative places, in which we do and share things together and, if we use it to its full potential, technology can help make a classroom a creative space.

The technology we useour learners use… ought to go way, way beyond merely staring at an interactive whiteboard or ticking true/false questions or filling in the blanks on a photocopy while watching a YouTube video.

If we've used a class blog, or Edmodo, to create a shared digital space in which we can interact; if what we've done there has included such things as taking, collecting, sharing and responding to our own photos (not those "stolen" from Google, or "borrowed" from Flickr); if we've created digital stories; if we've been actively engaged, not merely passively entertained; then at the end of the week, or the term or the year, then a class can look back and say "We made this".

And, as I suggested in my talk, sharing is caring, and if you actually care, then you're so much more likely to learn.

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