45 minutes of debate from 10 seconds of YouTube

Here's something that will probably work only in Spain, where people have been getting a bit uptight about the satirical French TV show Les Guignols taking the mickey out of Spanish sportsmen in the light of the Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador having been found guilty of doping last week and banned for two years.

The idea originally came from the cycling blog The Inner Ring and, with a class last week, without any preamble, I showed about the first 10 seconds of the clip on a post there before someone reacted angrily (at which point I stopped the clip…) and we had around 45 minutes of at times quite heated discussion.

We got a lot of language out of the learners having to translate, as I pretended to understand no French, as well as their trying to explain just what people in Spain are getting so upset about.

In Spain at least, the alternative clip (above) would work equally well.

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  1. The class was a last-minute one-off substitution; if it had been a regular class in which I'd had an Edmodo group, posting the video there would have enabled us to continue the debate…

    There were several members of the class missing, another reason for wanting an Edmodo group: they could have joined in, too!

  2. Totally ignorant about cycling, but I loved the Virenque clip on The Inner Ring. Hilarious! Un beso, k.

  3. Yes! Laughed at that one too, Kate (though Virenque, along with Jalabert, was always one of my favourite riders).

    Also, given that the Guignols take the piss out of everything and everyone, why not Spanish sportsmen (not an argument that anyone in the class was buying 🙂 !

  4. I don't get it!!

  5. The Virenque thing? The mosquito bites him, gets a load of his blood, and instantly becomes the world's first supersonic mosquito!

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