Angry Dad shoots daughter's laptop

At 8m 23s, this one is a bit longer than I like the YouTube clips I use in class to be (I go for under 2 minutes, if possible). (You could just skip to the action!)

But for discussion (possibly, eventually, as a piece of written work), both with teens and adults, I just know that "Is this guy a good Dad?" is going to "work" (i.e. have my learners wanting to say a lot).

Didn't have time to finish the discussion in class? Want to research (webquest) more? Edmodo is fantastic for that!

Interesting background to the story on Mashable.

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  1. Obviously a terrible father. Where's the dicussion?

  2. You're right, Don, and most people (everyone?) would say that. What I'm saying is that by asking that question you could kick-start an animated discussion.

    I've not tried it out yet in class, but I will .-) !

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