How to design good 21st century language learning tasks

Hi and welcome to my blog if you're going to be at this weekend's TESOL Spain Annual Convention in Bilbao, where on Sunday I'll be talking about How to design good 21st century language learning tasks.

Comments, doubts, questions etc., arising from the session, do please free to ask them here… !

Technology courses for language teachers
These are the two online courses mentioned in the session: Tecnología en el aula de español (a 2-week module for Spanish teachers) and Technology for language learning (a 6-week course for English teachers).

Other resources
Among other things you will find here on my blog, you have ideas for blogging projects and using Edmodo; more on podcasting; project work and writing projects in particular, as well as using technology in language classrooms in general.

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See also Video presentation of the talk, recorded by Gerard McLoughlin for the TESOL Spain website, where you will find more video presentations by some of the speakers.

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  1. One of the "guidelines" I'm going to suggest is that we should keep tasks really simple: the more you can pare the tasks you set down to one simple idea, the better.

    Here's an excellent one I came across recently, which I'm going to mention in my talk, the "Image a week" project on Life Feast, in which students in different countries each take a photo a week and write a 50-word text about it

  2. Here's further information on the audio story which I'm going to show you.

    It's an example of the kind of task we do with language teachers on our technology courses and is the kind of thing I would suggest language teachers should be doing with their learners.

  3. Hope the session was of interest to those that came; thanks for doing so (and to the last workshop session on Sunday!).

    Here's a great example of what I was talking about: an idea I posted, which has been improved by a suggestion from another teacher (see the comments to that post).

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