Teaching other languages

Some of you that do the CELTA course in Barcelona with us in fact finish up teaching other foreign languages, not English — or sometimes both.

Some online resources you might find useful (possibly also as learners of other language yourselves):

  • The Times Educational Supplement (TES) has a huge bank of resources for teaching foreign languages (it also has a useful weekly email about new resources, etc)
  • LanguageGuide.org has "free sound integrated resources for learning languages" developed by volunteers. For some languages (English, French, Spanish…) you have grammar as well as vocabulary sections
  • Internet4Classrooms.com has a series of links to resources on other sites for French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew…
  • There are a number of UK-based bodies with good resources — like the resources bank at the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies at the University of Southampton; CILT, the National Centre for Languages; or Scotland's MFLE, which also has an interesting modern languages blog
  • If the language you are interested in has an official body like the British Council, their websites are also a good place to look — somewhere like the Instituto Cervantes (for Spanish) or the Goethe Institute (for German)

See also
There was an discussion recently on Answers.com as to "Which language is more difficult for you to learn as a second language?", which itself might make for an interesting class discussion.

On nvtc.gov you will find extensive information on the languages of the world, with Wikipedia also being a good site for information about languages.

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