Digital photography

Image plus text: "This are our hands. We are begining a game of basketball. We won 98-33!"

21st Century Connections has a very basic introduction to digital photography, and suggests some of the ways you could use it in your classroom.

The article says:

You're set to have your students "go digital" – shoot, edit, organize, and share digital photos – as they create information about the subject matter they study.

But it then perhaps gives the impression that you — not the learners — are doing all the work.

If instead you get the learners to produce the images, you save yourself a lot of time for starters, and end up with a much more interesting project. A project could be each kids (or pair) producing a single image plus accompanying text, like TechLearning's Portrait's of Learning, or the example that heads this post (uncorrected, from my daughter Isabel, 11).

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