How to make learners authors on a shared class blog

Blogger: Adding authors, specifying readers | Click image to enlarge

Here are two things I can highly recommend: that you use as your blogging platform, and that you make all your learners authors on the same shared class blog.

How to make your learners authors
Being an "author" on a blog means that you can write new posts, not just write comments, and that's something learners should be doing: it's them, not you, that should be using the technology.

To make them authors, these are the easy steps:

  1. Have your learners set up Gmail accounts if they don't already have them
  2. Go to Settings > Basic ("A" in the image, above")
  3. Click "Add authors" (B) and write the Gmail addresses in the pop-up (C)
  4. Have your learners go to their Gmail accounts and "accept" the invitation

Now they are authors on the class blog, and can write new posts.

Greater privacy
For greater privacy (something you want, especially with young learners!), you can specify who can read your blog. Once everyone has become an author, you can specify that only the authors of your blog can read it: the rest of the world can't.

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