Can you trust Wikipedia?

Wikipedia entry on Constructivism, 7 June 2007

I was looking for something about constructivism in order to provide further reading for an online course and about #3 on Google was the Wikipedia entry.

It currently carries the proviso "An editor has expressed concern that this article or section is unbalanced" and there is a second doubt about its neutrality (see screenshot, above).

Can you trust Wikipedia?
Well, "trust" is maybe not the word, but I certainly use Wikipedia myself, and recommend it to people. I'd read Wikipedia entries (and anything else I found online) with a touch of skepticism, and compare and contrast the information it provides with another source (possibly one of the sites Wikipedia itself links to for further reading).

Can you trust Wikipedia? Not entirely… Can you trust sites #1 and #2 on Google? Not entirely either!

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  1. This article on The Times Online suggests that you can't trust Wikipedia…

    I agree, but don't take back anything I said in my original post…

    You can't really trust anything you find on the Digital Dungheap (aka the Web…)

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