Fun ad: what happened next?

I got this one from Viral Video Chart, which I keep my eye on (via its RSS feed, on Google Reader) for stuff for class.

With this, you could try stopping it after exactly 27 seconds and asking your students, in pairs, to guess what is going to happen next. Who can get closest?

Ask first if anyone has already seen it, in which case they should remain silent. I always get one learner in each pair to take notes during any brainstorming: that could be their job.

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  1. Ha ha!!!! Love it!!!! How about NO notetaking and see who can actually remember most of what actually occurs once it stops? Un beso, K.

  2. Yes! Great idea, Kate :-)! But tough to remember it all !!!

  3. Another one, same source, not for class, but which shows what technology (or music, at least) can do for you, no matter how old you are.

  4. HoustonTeacher

    This is a great video for open discussion. For the lower levels, "Select one thing you saw and talk about it", and for the higher levels, "What just happened?". Esl classes need more creativity and humor built into them to help keep student's active.

  5. Yes, totally agree with you! We want creative classrooms, no matter what subject we teach.

    And creative classrooms are fun!

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