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Hi and welcome to my blog to those of you coming to my talk at the Macmillan Teacher's Day in Bilbao this Saturday (6th).

If you're a little uncertain how to go about getting learners to write, Carol Read has an article in her excellent blog which I can highly recommend.

Carol says:

A good teacher of writing is someone who "encourages children to take pride in their own work and interest in the work of others e.g. through display and publication, reading children's own stories to the class; [and] responds to children's intended meanings, gives positive, constructive feedback and is sensitive to children's problems and needs at different ages and stages".

The article is a great place to begin. You might also like another site if you are unfamiliar with the idea of process writing, which I highly recommend for getting learners to write.

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  1. Another idea, explained in a recent article on OneStopEnglish: mini-sagas, which are "a piece of writing which has exactly fifty words, not including the title, which can have up to fifteen words. A mini saga has to tell a story and have a beginning, middle and end. It cannot just be a description of something".

    See also this previous post for further information and ideas.

  2. Thought you might like these Pinterest writing prompts: this and this and this. Some of the ideas might be fun in class! Un beso, K.

  3. And this! Otro besito :-)! K.

  4. Thanks for those, Kate! Loved this one !!!

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