Interactive Whiteboards

We have interactive whiteboards (aka IWBs) here at IH… most of them gathering dust, as they rarely ever get used, other than as glorified data projectors.

I'm yet to be convinced of their value myself — so much so that, other than playing with them myself, I've yet to use one with students.

TechLearning has a free ebook The Why and How of Interactive Whiteboards, which includes a section on "Tips and Tutorials for Purchase and Use".

I quote:

Give students answers or questions on slips of paper, allowing them to take turns coming up to the [IWB]. This will keep them focused on the lesson as they wait for their turn to come.

Admittedly — because of my lack of experience with the beasts — I'm not the best qualified person to say so, but that sounds like how not to use an IWB to me.


Each student is given a part of a plant to label. When it is time for that part to be labeled, the student comes up to the [IWB] and either writes the name of the part or clicks and drags the name of the part.

That sounds like being slower, not time-saving, which is one thing technology ought to be.

And it also sounds like you (or your kids) could do exactly the same equally well on a normal whiteboard with a marker pen.

Could you do exactly the same without the technology…? Yes…? Then don't use the technology, I would suggest.

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