A fun, creative activity: Drawing photos

Spanish in Barcelona (note the Sagrada Familia!)

Here's a wonderful idea from a colleague, Susana Ortiz, who works in the Spanish Department at IH Barcelona.

Susana wanted to do an activity which involved the students sharing photographs of themselves. They reckoned that they couldn't as most of their photos were back home in their countries of origin. "That doesn't matter," Susana said, "because your best ever photo is probably there inside your head. See if you can describe it to a partner, and get them to draw it for you."

You might try that with the partner doing the describing keeping their eyes shut (not so that they can't see, but so that they remember more).

If your students are artistically inclined, great…!

The results varied tremendously from the artistic point of view (which wasn't what mattered, of course!) but in all cases as a communicative task it worked superbly, and was a lot of fun.

… and if not, providing they're communicating, that's not a problem!

We have a blogging project with photos that we do with our Spanish students; could we do a similar thing with our drawings, Susana says?

Yes! When do we start?

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  1. Susana has got to be the most creative teacher in the staffroom!

    On our Spanish teacher training blog, she's got more great ideas (content in Spanish).

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