More infographics on the IWB

Here's an infographic from showing the world's Best and Worst Places To Be A Woman. In the image above, I've imported the chart into an interactive whiteboard (IWB) page and then blanked out in yellow the names of the countries and the criteria used for ranking.

As a starting point for class discussion with a group of adults, can they suggest what the criteria were/should be; what countries will come where (and why?) in the ranking; and, specifically, where will Spain come?

So that we can then compare with the original chart, I have it on a second page. Alternatively, it's very easy to remove the yellow with the eraser tool, revealing what was underneath.

See this previous post for the source of the original idea (OUP's ELT Global Blog), one of the things I've found to work best on the IWB.

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