From sessions August 9

One of the photos Aitziber (I think) took, as an example of project work. The project suggested was producing a "picture plus accompanying text…"

A couple of things from today's sessions on our CELTA courses

This was the BBC article on the Yangtze river dolphin, which I suggested as the basis for a webquest. It comes from the BBC's Words in the News section, a great one to suggest to your learners as their default start page — so that they get some reading and listening practice every time they log on to the web.

The link to the Dfilm animations that you created didn't actually reach me. If anyone likes to provide them…

In a separate post, Dan tells us about yesterday on the course, which he did as an example of podcasting.

And for any of you that feel you really don't know that much about technology, I think I mentioned the Technology 101 section here on this blog, with some of the basic things that it is useful to know.

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