Design your own handbag

Here's one from Larry Ferlazzo's excellent collection of links: a site where you can design your own handbag (shown, right, the one I created).

My doubt about it as a website to use with students is whether or not they would actually learn that much English while interacting with it. It's pretty much point-and-click, with very little to actually read in English.

However, if you put your learners in pairs, and the task was to see which pair could design the most attractive bag, you might get a speaking activity out of it.

It might work nicely if you then got each pair to view all the other bags and then have to choose which three they would buy for a maximum of 900 USD, with "the winner" the pair selling the most bags. (The site, a genuine handbag manufacturer, prices and then offers you the chance to actually buy your own creation.)

It's possible to mail your bag to a friend (you could mail it to your teacher). Or your learners could capture the image from their computer screens and edit them as I've done, above).

Larry Ferlazzo is a site I would definitely recommend adding to your RSS feeds if you use them.

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  1. Great ideas on how to use the site!

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