Things I take to class #7: A digital camera

In my APABAL session, I suggested this very simple activity, which I got from Nicky Hockly and the CertICT course.

It involves the learners thinking of something they like/hate doing; writing it down on a piece of A4 with a nice thick board pen; holding it up and getting a classmate to photograph it, as in the example, above.

It's most successful if you can persuade them to pull an appropriate face (demonstrate it to them) and, if you're taking the photos in class, maximise the English you get out of kids instructing each other how to pose the picture. Fabulous with teens and I've found adults liked it too.

I always take a compact digital camera to class with me, there are just so many fun, productive activities that can be done with it, with this being my favourite.

Your learners probably have digital cameras at home (or if not, mobile phones in their pockets); if you have a blog or an Edmodo group they can then upload them directly to that, possibly from home.

If you are interested in good technology course, I can highly recommend the CertICT course.

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