Things I take to class #3: Something I've never tried before

Google Reader and Diigo: find stuff… and find it again!

I posted the third thing I try to take to class — something new — prior to my APABAL session so I won't repeat it here.

What I would like to stress is what a fabulous tool Google Reader is [see video], both for finding new things to take to class and for keeping up-to-date with technology.

As well as Google Reader, I also use Diigo [view video] to bookmark and organise things that I find that I might want to be able to find again (which is vital!). Although I don't get learners to actually use them, they are definitely two tools I can highly recommend and, personally, couldn't live without them.

If you're interested, you can "follow" my Diigo feed with Google Reader, and see what new things I've bookmarked.

A couple of other sites not mentioned at APABAL but which also provide new things that I take to class, and can highly recommend:

  • National Geographic's Photo a Day page, which I have automatically open in a new tab every time I open my browser (and see this activity for class)
  • The Guardian's You are the Ref page, particularly recommended if you teach teenage boys!
  • Viral videos (everyone loves viral videos!)
  • Lots more viral stuff (great to share with your learners as "thought you might enjoy this" stuff on blogs or an Edmodo group) from
When, unprompted, your learners start to post their own "thought you might enjoy this" things to your Edmodo group, you just know it's taken off!
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