Things I take to class #1: A large family-sized jar of enthusiasm

The first of the 10 things I take to class…

You can't buy jars of enthusiasm, obviously, but if you could I like to think that the contents would look like the jelly beans in the photo above.

In the presentation I made at APABAL, the large family-sized jar of enthusiasm was the first thing I said I take to class, referring specifically to any class in which any use was going to be made of technology.

Of course, if you're already comfortable with classroom technology, are a big Facebook or mobile phone user you're probably already fairly enthusiastic about technology (possibly over-enthusiastic!) but if you're not terribly confident of your own technological prowess, a shot of enthusiasm is essential.

You can't buy it, but you can acquire it — which is best done by forgetting about your learners for a moment and just playing with technology for your own enjoyment.

Try any one of the following:

  • Explore your mobile phone: what else can you do with it, apart from what you already know how to do. Be curious! How do other people do that? Never be afraid to ask them!
  • Do the same with a digital camera. All those buttons you never use, what are they for? What do they do? How do you take better photos…?
  • Create a blog and blog your photos (a "photo a day" project is great!). You can make a blog entirely private, but if you share the photos with other people you'll start to want to make them better? If you don't want a blog (but try it anyway!), post the photos on your Facebook page…
  • If photography's not your thing, start to teach yourself how to do simple blackboard drawings and blog them…
  • Prezi your Grandma or GoAnimate your son… They have a birthday coming up so make them a cool presentation!

If you persevere, soon enough you'll start to think "I can do this!"; and not long after that you'll start to think something more useful to you as a teacher: "I could get my learners to do something like this…!"

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